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CryptoHunters: Part 2 Breakdown of Utah Bigfoot Video


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CryptoHunters: Part 2 Breakdown of Utah Bigfoot Video

To review, The CryptoHunters speculated that the Bigfoot was a female in their first breakdown. Now they have done a second breakdown and this time they claim a possible baby Bigfoot could be present.

You can see the original article here, which includes the initial video as well as the part 1 breakdown.

Frankly, this seems quite a stretch. We’re still analyzing the initial video since we have no idea as to it’s validity. Add to that the first breakdown which doesn’t prove a whole lot. Now, we have this new video that alleges two animals.

According to the analysis below, this is an adult (mother) with a baby riding on it’s back. Apparently the CryptoHunters see a lighter (brown) form clinging to the elder beast.

Well, take a look and tell me what you guys think:

TCH – After doing some more editing/enhancements of the Bigfoot Utah video, there appears to be a possible baby Bigfoot on the back of the adult. I know this seems unreal but in the first breakdown we saw what looked to be breast on the adult and if you notice there is a different color on the back of the adult. Plus we have some enhanced photos…so it’s kind of interesting. As we stated before if this is a hoax it is a very good one.


Source: The CryptoHunters

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